The Price Comparison Tool (Price tool) of the Regulatory Authority for Energy is the online application of the Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) in order to enable consumers to search for, compare and be informed about electricity and natural gas energy products in a simple, easy and transparent manner.

Moreover, the Price tool has been designed in order to depict and compare in the completest way possible, based on the principles of transparency, accessibility to and independence of information, the total cost of the competitive tariffs , and to calculate the cost of the regulated charges which depend on energy consumption.  Additionally, information about combinatorial energy products (electricity and energy gas) is also provided.

Small Customer Low Electricity Voltage tariffs, as well as End Customer natural gas residential and commercial tariffs, as specified in article 1 of the relevant Regulation for the Operation of the Price Comparison Tool, form the implementation field of the Price Tool.

The Regulatory Authority for Energy, with its focus of attention on consumers, and, specifically, taking the protection and the facilitation of the information of vulnerable consumers into consideration, has integrated the option of special search of products to which the Social Residential Tariff (SRT) applies, into the Price Comparison Tool.